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Lot 205: Auto Parts, Medical Equipment & Miscellaneous (ID #1215891)
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Time left: Closed
Auction starts: 1/24/2017 11:00:00 AM ET
Auction ends: 1/31/2017 5:46:14 PM ET
Starting bid: 10
Reserve: Not Met
Bid increment: 10.00
Bid Deposit: 100
Overtime Period: 5 mins
Seller: US Treasury
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Lot 205: Auto Parts, Medical Equipment & Miscellaneous, 40 pallets

Medical Supplies: Bracket, VE, 201 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-001-ICE
Medical Equipment Kits: 3 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-002-ICE
TV Monitors: 2 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-003-ICE
Ventilators: Air Circ, 105 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-004-ICE
Lights: Surgical Field Lights, 2 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-005-ICE
Hose Assemblies: Plastic, 142 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-006-ICE
Insulation: Fiberglass, 8 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-007-ICE
Medical Kits: Pintle, Hook Ext,    8 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-008-ICE
Ear Plugs: 12000 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-009-ICE
Auto Parts: Mirror Heads, 15 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-010-ICE
Brackets: For Fire Extinguishers, 36 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-011-ICE
Control Generator: 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-012-ICE
Actuator: Mechanical, Non-ACFT, 2 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-013-ICE
Hospital Beds: Adjustable, 11 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-014-ICE
Shock Absorbers: 42 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-015-ICE
Sheets: Rubber, 27 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-016-ICE
Fuel Tank: 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-017-ICE
Switches: Membrane, 2 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-018-ICE
Actuators: RG33, 14 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-019-ICE
Hose Assemblies: 120 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-020-ICE
Alternating Motors: 10 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-021-ICE
Tool Trays: 2 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-022-ICE
Compressor: Dehydrating, 2 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-023-ICE
Medical Supply:
Field Operating Table, 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-024-ICE
Medical Supply: Dental Operating Light, 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-025-ICE
Medical Supply: Dental Operating Light, 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-026-ICE
Auto Parts: Door Handle Assembly, 36 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-027-ICE
Brackets: P Clamps, 3 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-028-ICE
Bearings: 4 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-029-ICE
Expansion Chamber: 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-030-ICE
Cases: Optical, 18 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-031-ICE
Assorted: 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-032-ICE
Box: 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-033-ICE
Repair Kits: 13  each. Case#: 2016550100001901-034-ICE
Sheeting: Reflective, 3 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-035-ICE
Jar Lids: Screw Cap, 4 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-036-ICE
Steel Poles: 11 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-037-ICE
Plates: 60  each. Case#: 2016550100001901-038-ICE
Hood Pulley Assemblies: 2 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-039-ICE
Paper: 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-040-ICE
Tubing: Plastic, Spiral, 1  each. Case#: 2016550100001901-041-ICE
Goggles Storage Cases: 2 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-042-ICE
Paper Bag: 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-043-ICE
Reflector Sets: Highway, 4 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-044-ICE
Clamps: 2 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-045-ICE
Scale: Wheelchair, 1 each. Case#: 2016550100001901-046-ICE

Previews: Friday, 1/27, 9am-3pm, Aecom - Laredo, 303 Union Pacific Blvd., Laredo, TX 78045

Auction Details: Go to More Info for preview information, bidding requirements and terms of sale.

Payments & Removal: Payment by cashier’s check or bank wire only. Go to Payments & Removal for details on how to make payment and removal of purchased property. Buyer is responsible for removal, including shipping if desired. CWS/AECOM will NOT ship any lots.

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All information contained in this description was derived from sources believed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. Merchandise is being sold "AS IS", "WHERE IS" without warranty or guarantee. All known information and available photographs pertaining to the condition and description of the property have been posted on the website. Bidders may obtain additional information by attending the live previews and visually inspecting the lot. The bidder is invited, urged, and cautioned to inspect the property prior to submitting a bid. Failure to inspect property, or the absence of photographs or posted information shall not constitute cause for cancellation of sale. Buyer acknowledges that he/she relied entirely on his/her own information, judgment, and inspection of the property.


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