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Lot 208: Jewelry, Coins & Silverware (Export Only) (ID #1215893)
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Auction starts: 1/24/2017 11:00:00 AM ET
Auction ends: 1/31/2017 5:52:32 PM ET
Starting bid: 10
Reserve: Met
Bid increment: 10.00
Bid Deposit: 100
Overtime Period: 5 mins
Seller: US Treasury
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Lot 208: Jewelry, Coins & Silverware (Export Only)

- Scrap Earrings: Sterling Silver, Assorted, Broken/Unwearable, ATW 40.96 DWT, Stamped and Tested 925. Case#: 2013520690000401-001-CS
- Coins/Currency: Cuban, Assorted, Silver & Non-Silver, Dates Ranging From 1915-1934, Some Coins Have Been Drilled & Loops or Bails Added, 1095 EA. Case#: 2013520690000401-002-CS
- Coins/Currency: U.S. Contains Mercury Dimes, Kennedy Dimes, Quarters & Assorted Half Dollars, Dates From 1934-1968. 34 EA. Case#: 2013520690000401-003-CS
- Scrap Bracelets: Sterling Silver, Assorted, Broken Link & Bangle, ATW 26.6 ozt., All Stamped and/or Tested Silver. 52 EA. Case#: 2013520690000401-004-CS
- Pendants/Charms: Sterling Silver, Assorted, ATW 9.77 ozt. 49 EA. Case#: 2013520690000401-005-CS
- Rings: Sterling Silver, Assorted, Broken, ATW 14.22 ozt. 158 EA. Case#: 2013520690000401-006-CS
- Bracelets: Sterling Silver, Assorted, Round Link Chain, 16", ATW 15.6 grams (1 EA), Curbed Link Chain, 20", ATW 18.9 grams (1 EA), Flat Gucci Link Chain, 19", ATW 40.3 grams (1 EA), Curbed Link Chain, 20", ATW 38.4 grams (1 EA), Curbed Link Chain, 28", ATW 71.8 grams (1 EA), Curbed Link Chain, 24", ATW 15.8 grams (1 EA), Long & Short Link Chain, 28", ATW 71.3 grams (1 EA), Curbed Link Chain, 22", ATW 113.9 grams (1 EA), Scrap Broken Chains, ATW 170.2 grams (14 EA). Case#: 2013520690000401-007-CS
- Silverware: Spoons (5 EA), Forks (2 EA), of those 7 items - Sterling Silver (3 EA - 153.1 grams) & Silver Plate (4 EA - 76.7 grams), All Damaged. Case#: 2013520690000401-008-CS
- Trays, Bowl & Incense Holder: Sterling Silver, Ash Trays (2 EA), Small Bowl (1 EA) & Standing Incense Holder (1 EA), ATW 5.31 ozt. Case#: 2013520690000401-009-CS
- Fruit Bowl: Sterling Silver, Gorham, c/o England, ATW 504.1 grams, Damaged. 1    EA. Case#: 2013520690000401-010-CS
- Scrap Silver: Sterling Silver, All Broken, ATW 218.87 ozt. 1 BG. Case#: 2013520690000401-011-CS

Previews: Thursday, 1/26, 9am-3pm, Aecom - Pompano, 2951 N.W. 27th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33069

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All information contained in this description was derived from sources believed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. Merchandise is being sold "AS IS", "WHERE IS" without warranty or guarantee. All known information and available photographs pertaining to the condition and description of the property have been posted on the website. Bidders may obtain additional information by attending the live previews and visually inspecting the lot. The bidder is invited, urged, and cautioned to inspect the property prior to submitting a bid. Failure to inspect property, or the absence of photographs or posted information shall not constitute cause for cancellation of sale. Buyer acknowledges that he/she relied entirely on his/her own information, judgment, and inspection of the property.


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